11 October 2022 | How Different Are You Willing to Be? | Online Book Intro


Time & Date: October 11th, 7.30 PM CEST (Your Time)

How much have you bought the idea that your job is to be like everybody else?

Is it really?

Is it your time to claim, own, and acknowledge your difference?
Then this Class might be something for you!

A class based on the book

Pragmatic Psychology -
Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy!

By Susanna Mittermaier


How much energy does it require for you to make sure you are seen as normal and like everybody else?
Did you decide that if you want to be liked, you have no choice but to be like others?
How much of you, your capacities and your creativity do you have to cut off so that you don’t appear too different?

Have you ever worried about being too much, too loud, too crazy? Have people told you that you are just too much and that you should hold yourself back? Have you been seen as a bother to others? Good!!!


YES! What if being too much and not fitting in is where you get to have the space and the freedom to be you?

What if this is exactly where you get to have access to your difference? What if that is exactly where you find what is true for you - what you are good at and how you would like to create your life?


"Brilliance begins, where normality ends!"

-Susanna Mittermaier


What do you get?
- an online class of 2 hours
- an awesome manual
- practical questions for the creation of your life


HERE you can get your copy of this book, it is also available in audio or e-book.